From Grantown Scotland (founded 1766) to Grantown Assiniboia (settled 1823)

1. GRANT, Unidentified Parents. They were presumably associated with the township of Grantown on Spey, Strathspey, Scotland, but not so as to remain clearly visible in the historical record (though one possibility is explained below). Given the uncertainty, the following list begins with a second generation, whose children are reputed to be cousins:

2. GRANT, Robert ‘of Cromdale’/ ‘Wester Lethendry, Cromdale’.

– sp. Unidentified woman.

3. GRANT, Jean/ Janet. Born 1 April 1743 Cromdale and Inverallan, Moray, Scotland; described as a younger daughter; married 6 June 1769 Abernethy and Kincardine parish, Moray, Scotland.

-sp. STUART, Donald. Born c. 1740 to John STUART (born 1709 Balquhidder, Perthshire, Scotland to John STUART an “elder of the Church”) and Marjory STEWART (born c. 1710/ 1729 Leth na Coille/ Lethnachyle/ Leanchoil Farm, Speyside, Elgin, Scotland; died 7 November 1830 Grantown, Scotland, age 101); known as ‘of Leth na Coille Farm’ on the edge of the Abernethy Forest near Nethy Bridge, Upper Strathspey, Moray, Scotland

4. STUART, Peter/ Patrick [Lieut]. Served in the army; Fort Major at Belfast, Ireland.

4. STUART, Robert. Entered North West Company service; died Columbia River in canoing accident, credited with rescuing 2 of 3 non-swimmer companions but drowned attempting to save the last—”he and the man he bore sank down in the mighty waters and were seen no more.”

4. STUART, John. Born 12 September 1780; described as 2d son; entered NWC service 1799; 1st married c. 1801; ‘lieutenent’ for Simon Fraser’s expedition 1805–1808 (hence  Stuart River and Stuart Lake [BC]); NWC partner 1813; 2d married at some point; HBC chief factor 1821; 3d married 1827; introduced nephew Donald Alexander Smith into HBC service; retired 1839, returning to Scotland; died 14 January 1847 Springfield House, near Elgin/ Forres, Scotland; buried (as per will) “in the tomb of his ancestors in the Parish Church-Yard of Abernethy, south-east corner of the Church.”

– sp. Unidentified Aboriginal woman.

5. STUART, Isabel. Born 1802.

– sp. LAVALLE/ La VALLE/ [LEVEILLE?]. Catherine.

5. STUART, Donald. Died “comparatively young, … having been a Lieutenant in Her Majesty’s 78th Regiment of Highlanders, and one of those who took part in the Crimean war [1853-1856].”

5. STUART, John. Died “comparatively young.”

– sp. TAYLOR, Mary. Born 1796 to George TAYLOR (Sloop Master HBC York Factory) and Jane; sister of Margaret TAYLOR (1st married HBC Governor George SIMPSON 2d married Amable HOGUE); joined husband 1836 in Scotland, but returned home 1838 after he reneged on promise of formal marriage; engaged in litigation over her £500 legacy in husband’s will—his sisters managing to get it reduced to £350.

4. STUART, Marjory. Born c. 1772; died 1844 Grantown, Scotland, age 72.

4. STUART, Barbara. Born c. 1784; averred Stuart family had resided at Upper Strathspey for “several generations”—perhaps meaning as few as 3; died 18 April 1874 at Forres, Scotland, age 90.

– sp. SMITH, Alexander. Born c. 1781 Archiestown, Knockando, Scotland to a woman identified only by her surname GRANT; possibly had a grandfather named George SMITH; described as ‘of Archiestown Cottage, Knockando, Scotland’; soldier, farmer, saddler; betrothal arranged 1810; married 1813 Grantown on Spey; reputed to be heavy drinker (in explanation of relative poverty); died 3 March 1847 Archiestown, Knockando, age 66 years.

5. SMITH, Margaret. Born 1814 Grantown, Scotland; reputedly named for mother’s youngest sister drowned at sea on voyage to Orkney; died 12 January 1841, age 27.

5. SMITH, John Stuart [Dr.]. Born 1815 Cromdale, near Grantown, Scotland; enrolled Marischal College, Aberdeen; completed medical studies 1839 University of ed Edinburgh; appointed 1839 Assistant Surgeon, 55th Regiment of Foot (Westmoreland Regiment); served in India, China, Australia.

5. SMITH, Donald Alexander ‘Lord Strathcona’. Born 6 August 1820 Forres, Scotland; described as “not only a native of Strathspey, but was descended from Grants on both his father’s and his mother’s side”’ died 21 January 1914 London, England; interred next to wife in “a magnificent mausoleum in London’s Highgate Cemetery. His entire estate was valued at $28,867,635. Since his early days in Labrador, he had provided financial support to his extended family. He established trusts worth more than $26,500,000 for his heirs and successors.”

– sp. HARDISTY-GRANT, Isabella Sophia. Born to Richard HARDISTY (of England, HBC Chief Trader) and Margaret Sutherland (daughter of HBC Trader John Sutherland and ‘Jeanny,’ a First Nations woman); sister of Richard Charles HARDISTY and William Lucas HARDISTY; 1st married James GRANT (HBC servant, Rigolet).

6. SMITH, Margaret Charlotte. Born 17 January 1854; “only child”; married 8 March 1888 “Although Smith and his wife had not viewed the marriage entirely favourably”; died 1926.

– sp. HOWARD, Robert Jared Bliss [Dr.]. Born 1859 to Robert Palmer HOWARD (dean, faculty of medicine, McGill University, Montreal) and Mary Frances CHIPMAN; died 9 January 1921 London, England.

5. SMITH, James M’Gregor. Born 1823; died 29 October 1826, age 3.

5. SMITH, Marianne. Born c. 1825; died 14 December 1841, age 16.

2. GRANT, Robert ‘of West Lethendry’/ ‘of Glenbeg’. [possibly 2 different Robert GRANTs]

– sp. GRANT, Jobina. Born to GRANT of Ruddery [where ships’ rudders were manufactured?], County Banff, Scotland and an unidentified woman.

3. GRANT, Margaret. Born c. 1720–1730/ 1749 Lethendry, Cromdale, Strathspey, Inverness, Scotland; by one account eldest of 3 daughters/ elsewhere described as 3d daughter; married 1st cousin? 1749/ 1754; died 1799. [Or the marriage dates might belong to another Margaret (e.g. born c. 1730 to Robert GRANT; married 1749 to another David born c. 1728).]

– sp. GRANT, David ‘of Lethendry’. [same person as below? or born c. 1728 Letherdie, Scotland?]

?4. [children listed for David GRANT ‘of Lethendry’ below]

?4. GRANT, Peter. Born 26 June 1764 Glen Moriston, Inverness, Scotland/ Lethendry, Cromdale, Scotland; died 1848 Lachine QC. [possibly a cousin of Cuthebert GRANT Sr., but perhaps only distantly]

?.4. GRANT, Isabella. [sister of Peter GRANT immediately above; mentioned in letters and journals of Simon Fraser as married
into the Fraser family—assuming he did not mean his mother Isabella GRANT, daughter of Aeneas GRANT, laird of Daldregan].

?4. GRANT, Donald. [brother of Peter and Isabella GRANT immediately above; mentioned in letters and journals of Simon Fraser ].

2. GRANT, Donald ‘of Easter Lethendry’.

– sp. CUTHBERT, Henrietta. Born c. 1690/ 1695; married 29 April 1707 Cromdale And Inverallan And Advie, Inverness, Scotland.

3. GRANT, David ‘of Lethendry’/ ‘of Easter Lenthendry’. Born c. 22 September 1715 Lethendry, Cromdale, Strathspey, Inverness, Scotland; only son/ only child; baptized 22 September 1715 in Cromdale And Inverallan And Advie, Inverness, Scotland; married 1st cousin? 1749/ 1754; apparently did not hold the estate, as his son had to purchase it.

– sp. GRANT, Margaret. Born 1749? Lethendry, Cromdale, Strathspey, Inverness, Scotland to Robert GRANT of Lethendry and Jobina GRANT; eldest daughter/ 3d daughter; died 1799.

4. GRANT, John. “An officer in the army, killed 1781, while serving, under Lord Cornwallis, in the American War.”

4. GRANT, Robert ‘of Kincorth’. Born 3 March 1752 Lethendry, Cromdale, Strathspey, Inverness, Scotland; went to the West 1778; partner North West Company formed 1779; reputedly built Fort Esperance, Qu’Appelle River [SK] 1787; retired 1793 with a “handsome competency”; returned to Scotland and bought estate of Kincorth, Forres, Morayshire (reputedly from his uncle James GRANT ‘Laird of Kincorth’/ ‘of Red Lake’ below) and built a mansion, thereby becoming ‘of Kincorth’; married 4 December 1797, age 41; 5 children; died 10 August 1801; tombstone in Cromdale churchyard, Banffshire, Scotland, inscribed “one of the original members of the North West Company of Canada.”

– sp. GRANT, Anne. Born c. 1770 to Rev. Lewis GRANT (Minister at Cromdale) and Robina CLERK; died after 1854.

5. GRANT, Robert ‘of Kincorth’. Born 12 September 1801 after death of father; older twin; inherited estate; married 1859; Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant of Moray, member Faculty of Advocates; died after 1859.

– sp. EATON, Edith Ann. Born to Rev. Thomas EATON, canon of Chestor, rector of East Kirby and an unidentified woman; 2d daughter.

6. GRANT, Robert Wilfrid.

6. GRANT, Edith Evelyn.

5. GRANT, Lewis ‘of Bombay’. Born 1801 after death of father; younger twin; merchant, wealth derived from Bombay, British India; died ‘without surviving issue’ 17 February 1854 Bombay; will written at Kincorth, Morayshire, proved in 1854, bequeathed his mother £2,000 in addition to annuity of £400 per year.

5. GRANT, Robina. Married 1840; died ‘without surviving issue’.

– sp. GRANT, John P. Born to Rev. James GRANT of Laggan (died 1801), County Inverness and Anne MacVICAR  (born 21 February 1755 Glasgow, Scotland; died 7 November 1838; “distinguished authoress” of miscellaneous works, including an account of her childhood in North America, 1758–1768).

5. GRANT, Davina. Married [cousin?] 1819.

– sp. GRANT, Frederick. Born to Charles GRANT who was “a successful businessman in Canada and a descendant of the Grants of Glenbeg” [apparently the son of GRANT, James ‘Laird of Kincorth’/ ‘of Red Lake’ below]; owned the estate of Ecclesgreig; described as ‘of Mount Cyrus, County Kincardine’; Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant of Ecclesgreig, Mount St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire; died at Hastings, 1828.

6. GRANT, Evelyn. Believed she was “last” of grandfather Robert GRANT’s descendants.

4. GRANT, Lewis. Died 1808.

4. GRANT, James. Military officer; died 1792 Madras, British India.

4. GRANT, Cuthbert ‘Sr’. Born c. 1750 Cromdale, Strathepey, Inverness, Scotland; “a merchant in Canada”; followed older brother Robert into North West Company service; became partner c. 1795; will of 1822 made bequest to “his cousin Peter Stuart … brother of John Stuart, one of the partners in the Honourable the Hudson’s Bay Company”; died 1799 Kaministikwia [Thunder Bay ON area].

– sp. Unidentified Nakoda-Cree Woman/ Marguerite (misidentified online as ‘Utiniwasis’— a recently coined name). Born c. 1775/ 1776; possibly died 1846 St. Boniface, Red River.

5. GRANT, Marguerite. Born c. 1783/ 1785/ 1789/ 1790/ 1793 Qu’Appelle [SK]; 1st married before 1804; 2d married possibly 1802 Fort Esperance, Qu’Appelle [SK] but see comments on POITRAS page regarding uncertainty surrounding this marriage; died 9 April 1866 St. Boniface, Red River.

– sp. MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR, Michel. Born 15 April 1772 Rupert’s Land; died after 1805/ 1840 St. Antonia De Chamblay [QC].

6. MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR, Andre. Born 7 February 1805; married c. 1827 Red River; 2d married c. 1851.

– sp. Marguerite ‘Indian’. Born c. 1814.

– sp. Unidentified woman. Widow.

6. MONET dit BELLEHUMEUR, Marie Anne. Born 1832 Red River.

– sp. CHARRON dit DUCHARME. Born 30 October 1822 Red River.

– sp. POITRAS, André Henri. Born 10 February 1751/ 1757/ 1760/ 1763 Ste. Foy QC to Michel POITRAS (born QC) and Marguerite ARNOUL/ HENAULT/ HARNOIS de/ dit VILLENEUVE (born QC); began North West Company career 1793 Fort Espérance [SK];  1st married c. 1793; 2d married 1802 Fort Esperance [SK]; at Qu’Appelle [SK] 1804; ‘Freeman’ 1818; 1st marriage formalized 1823 St. Boniface, Red River; settled  c. 1823/ 1824 Grantown, White Horse Plains, Red River;  died c. 1830/ 1831 St. Joseph, Pembina, Dakota Territory.

6. POITRAS, [children]. [See POITRAS page]

5. GRANT, Marie Marguerite. Born c. 1790; died Fort de la Rivière à la Souris; body transported to Red River; buried 18 August 1845 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. PERREAULT dit MORIN, Francois. Born 1784/ 1790.

6. PERREAULT dit MORIN, Francois. Born 5 August 1813.

6. PERREAULT dit MORIN, Louis. Married 3 September 1855 St Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. MALATERRE, Marguerite.

5. GRANT, James. Born 1791 Fort Tremblante [SK]; died 1814.

5. GRANT, Josephte ‘Josette’. Born 1789/ 1792; 1st married c. 1805; 2d married before 1810; 3d married c. 1816; died 6 January 1814/ 1820.

– sp. LATOUR, Charles. Born c. 1787

– sp. WILLS, John ‘Sr.’. Born 1789.

6. WILLS/ WELLS/ Welsh, Emilie/ Emily. Born 1810; married 1829; children [see UMFERVILLE/ HUMPHREVILLE page]; died 28 January 1894 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; buried St. Francois Xavier MB.

– sp. ‘DUBOISHUE dit’ BRELAND, Alexandre. Born 1803/ 1804 to; died 1859 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; buried 15 January 1859 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

6. WILLS/ WELLS, Edouard. Born c. 1812.

– sp. McGILLIS, Isabelle. Born 1815.

6. WILLS/ WELLS, John ‘Johnny’/ ‘Jr.’ Born 1815/ 1820 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; married 6 September 1842 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; died before 1920.

– sp. McKAY, Mary. Born 21 July 1820 Brandon House [MB] to John Richards MacKAY/ McKAY and Harriet BALLENDEN (see MacKAY/ McKAY page); died before 1920.

– sp. MONTOUR, Pierre. Born c. 1785.

6. MONTOUR, Josette. Born 25 December 1819 Red River.

– sp. BRUCE, Antoine. Born 18 July 1810 to Pierre BRUCE and Marguerite DESROSIERS/ DESROCHERS/ DUROCHER.

7. BRUCE, [6 children]. [See BRUCE page.]

5. GRANT, Cuthbert James ‘Jr.’ Born 1793 Fort Rivière Tremblante [SK]; baptized 1798/ 12 October 1801 Scotch Presbyterian Church, Montreal; after father’s death 1799 sent to relatives to be educated; returned to Red River c. 1814; 1st married 22 May 1814 Fort Gibraltar, Red River; leader 1816 in deadly confrontation with Governor Semple’s party at Seven Oaks; arrested 1817 by Lord Selkirk and transported to Montreal; wrote will 1818 bequeathing £500 to 1st wife for her personal use in addition to other monies for herself and their child; escaped prison 1818 Montreal; returned West; 2d married  Madelaine DESMARAIS; wrote will 1822 bequeathing (brother-in-law by 1st marriage) John Richards MacKAY/ McKAY £500; possibly 3d married a woman posited to be Sioux; finally married 1823 Marie McGILLIS; 1824 built house on west side of new father-in-law; neighbour to west were lots and homes of brother-in-law Angus McGILLIS, Urbain DELORME (whose daughter Marguerite DELORME, later married brother-in-law Cuthbert McGILLIS); credited with founding 1824 Grantown, White Horse Plains, Red River [MB],“about 16 miles up the Assiniboine River” from [Upper] Fort Garry; 1828 appointed HBC “Warden of the Plains” at £200/ year; 1835 additionally appointed Magistrate/ Justice of the Peace and Councillor, HBC Council of Assiniboia; late spring 1854 fell from horse; did not recover; died 15 July 1854 St. François Xavier, Red River; buried 16 July inside St François Xavier Church, Red River.

– sp. MacKAY/ McKAY, Elizabeth. Born c. 1799 Hulbert, to John Richards MacKAY/ McKAY Sr. and Mary FAVEL; missing/ returned to family? via brother John Richards MacKAY/ McKAY or died? c. 1817.

6. GRANT, James. Born 1815; missing c. 1817 with mother.

– sp. DESMERAIS, Marie Madeleine. Born 1805; died 1822 St. Boniface, Red River.

6. GRANT, Maria. Born 15 July 1820 Red River; married 8 February 1836 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; children [see UMFREVILLE/ UMPHREVILLE page] died 31 October 1889 St. Francois Xavier MB.

– sp. DUBOISHUE dit BRELAND, Pascal. Born 15 July 1811 to Pierre Joseph Du BOISHUE dit BERLAND/ BERLAND du BOISHUE/ BRELAND and [see UMFREVILLE/ HUMPHREVILLE page]; died 24 October 1896 St. Francois Xavier MB.

6. GRANT, Elise/ Eliza. Born 1821; married 17 February 1841 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. PAGÉ, Henri. Born 1820; died 1888.

– sp. McGILLIS, Marie Marguerite. Born c. 1802/ 1804/ 1805/ 1806 / St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba, Red River, to Angus/ ‘Anguste’/ ‘Aguste’ McGILLIS and Notinikaban/ Marguerite/ Margaret VENT de BOUT/ Le VENT de BOUT (‘Saulteaux’); previously 1st married Bazil DELORME and widowed? [dates seem off; see McGILLIS page]; received £500 dowry from father for 1st/ 2d marriage to Cuthbert GRANT (3d or 4th wife of husband); died / c. 29/ April 1856 St. Francois Xavier, Red River

6. EVERETTE/ EVERETT, Joseph. Adopted.

– sp. McKAY, Nancy. Born 11 May 1831 Rupert House to William McKAY and Nancy BUNN; afterwards married 2 March 1847 Moose Factory Samuel TAYLOR; died 1867 St. Clements, Red River. (See MacKay/ McKAY page; see also BERENS page for grandchildren.)

6. GRANT, Charles. Born 1823 Red River; married 6 February 1843 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. GLADU, Euphrosine. Born c. 1826 to Charles GLADU and Marguerite ROSS..

?6. GRANT, AnnNancy’. Born 1823 Red River; married c. 1839.

– sp. AZURE, Charles. Born 15 May 1821 Red River.

?6. GRANT, Nancy. Born. c. 1832; died 1 August 1834.

6. GRANT, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’. Born c. 1833, Red River; married 25 January 1853 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. McKAY, William. Born 1826 Red River.

6. GRANT, Marguerite. Born 4 August 1833; married 4 February 1856 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. Ross, John. Born 21 October 1832 White Horse Plain, Red River.

6. GRANT, Cuthbert Louis Marie. Born 22 August 1834; died 6 February 1835; buried 7 February 1835.

6. GRANT, Cuthbert. Born 28 December 1835 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; married 29 August 1860 Assumption Mission, Pembina, Dakota Territory.

– sp. GINGRAS, Marie. Born c. 1837 Red River.

6. GRANT, James. Born 22 March 1837 St. Francois Xavier; married 16 June 1862 Assumption, Pembina, Dakota Territory.

– sp. GARIEPY, Josephte Helene. Born 10 January 1844.

6. GRANT, Sophia Caroline. Born c. 1839/ April 1840; widowed; scrip affidavit 1877; resided as head of household with family 1877 St. Francois Xavier MB; 2d married 1882 Duck Lake [SK]; .

– sp. GARIEPY, Francois.

– sp. CAMPION, Alexandre. Born c. 1837; died before 1886.

6. GRANT, Jessie. Born 21 February 1841 Red River.

6. GRANT, Julie Rose Marie. Born 6 January 1844; married 10 September 1861 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. DESJARLAIS, Jean Baptiste. Born 1842.

5. GRANT, Mary. Born c. 1796; married 1812 White Horse Plains, Red River; died 22 December 1877 St. Francois Xavier MB.

– sp. DIVERSSANT dit FALCON, Pierre ‘Pierriche’. Born 4 June 04, 1793/ 1795 Elbow Fort, Swan River District, St Jean, QC; died 26 October 1876 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

6. FALCON, Francois. Born 1815; married 9 January 1813 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; died 18 March 1855.

– sp. POITRAS, Euphrosine. Born c. 1823/ 1825 Red River; [see child POITRAS page]; died 18 March 1855.

6. DIVERSSANT dit FALCON, Madeleine. Born 1815; married 21 May 1832.

– sp. VESTRO dit JEANNOTTE, Francois. Born 1812.

6. FALCON, Isabelle. Born June 1919.

– sp. TROTTIER, André. Born November 1816.

6. FALCON, Pierre. Born 12 March 1820 Red River; married 3 February 1845.

– sp. LAVEILLE, Marie Louise. Born 1837; died 3 May 1872.

6. FALCON, Jean Baptiste ‘Che-Ma-Na’/ ‘Shaman’. Born 1 May 1826 Red River; died 24 February 1910 Ste. Anne MB.

– sp. NOLIN, Marie. Born 25 August 1818 [U.S.]; died 15 November 1903.

6. FALCON, Julie. Born June 1831.

6. FALCON, Catherine. Born 21 May 1833 Red River; married c. 1852 Red River.

– sp. NOLIN, Francois. Born 20 August 1832 Red River.

6. FALCON, Gregoire. Born 3 June 1837 St. Francois Xavier, Red River; died 18 August 1853 St. Francois Xavier, Red River.

– sp. ALLARY/ HENRI/ HENRY, Marie.

4. GRANT, Francis. A military officer.

2. GRANT, ‘of Glenbeg’. Identified only as the “Grant of Glenbeg, whose portrait was in 1845 hanging in Castle Grant.”

[Two portraits that might be candidates for this “Grant of Glenbeg” are listed in William Fraser, Chiefs of Grant (Edinburg: 1883), 535, among the castle’s contents. The one portrait is the better known: “Donald Grant of Glenbeg” painted by Richard Waitt (1713). Donald was born to James Grant (originally of Glenbeg, ousted from Strathspey and resided at Aitnoch, Braemoray, dying there c. 1690); Donald initially lived in Kerrow; held Tullochgriband, Duthil parish, Strathspey, in 1705; regained Glenbeg 1715; died 1735 “at a great age”). The other portrait is “Robert Grant, younger of Glenbeg” painted by Richard Waitt (1724)—possibly meaning Donald’s younger brother; possibly the “2. GRANT, Robert ‘of West Lethendry’/ ‘of Glenbeg’” above. A third portrait, “Robert Grant of Lethindry (sic), in Cromdale,” was also painted by Waitt (1725). Perhaps, if there were a fourth painting, of Donald GRANT of East Lethendry, it could be argued that the paintings were meant to be a series depicting the sons of James GRANT ousted from Glenbeg, but posthumously welcomed back into the fold. The hypothesis is supported by one online source, which maintains that James GRANT ‘Laird of Kincorth’/ ‘of Red Lake’, his two sons (below), and two of his nephews (sons of David GRANT  ‘of Lethendry’ above) “All were descended from James GRANT of Glenbeg, the instigator of the infamous black band.” That James GRANT was the holder of the long-term lease of Glenbeg and Craggan. He instigated the Black Band of Clancherana legal writ against his clan chief (in whom the land was vested), addressed to Oliver Cromwell in England. The document was intercepted and destroyed before it could be actioned. The clan chief, however, apparently was informed of the attempt, with the outcome that James GRANT of Glenbeg, other critics, and their families were subject to reprisals and forced off their lands.]

– sp. Unidentified woman.

3. GRANT, James ‘Laird of Kincorth’/ ‘of Red Lake’. Apparently went to Canada and engaged in the fur-trade; reputedly sold the Kincorth estate to his nephew; was appointed October 1799 by Montreal court as curator of nephew Cuthbert Grant’s estate.

– sp. Unidentified woman.

4. GRANT, Charles. Went to Canada before 1768; entered the fur trade; his report to Governor Haldimand is main source for information about the 1779 merger of interests in North West Company; likely introduced cousins Robert and Cuthbert into the Western fur-trade; died 1784 Strathcona QC; described by “great-great-great-grandson, Captain M.C. FORSYTH-GRANT ‘of Ecclesgrieg’, as “the most respected … of all the Grants that have settled this colony.”

– sp. Unidentified woman.

?5 GRANT, Frederick ‘of Ecclesgreig’. Born to Charles GRANT who was “a successful businessman in Canada and a descendant of the Grants of Glenbeg”; married [cousin?] 1819 Davina GRANT above; owned the estate of Ecclesgreig; described as ‘of Mount Cyrus, County Kincardine’; Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant of Ecclesgreig, Mount St. Cyrus, Kincardineshire; died at Hastings, 1828.

?5. GRANT, Margaret. Sister of Frederick GRANT above; “grand-niece of Robert Grant of Lethendry”; married 29 March 1798 St Andrew’s Church QC; two sons and a daughter; died 29 December 1837.

– sp. FORSYTH, John. Born 8 December 1762 Huntly, Scotland, to William FORSYTH and Jean PHYN; migrated QC c. 1779; partner Forsyth, Richardson & Company; one of the founders 1817 Bank of Montreal; children all “married within Forsyth’s business circle”; (“a nephew James Bell Forsyth, represented Forsyth, Richardson at QC, in association with William Walker, from 1821″); died 27 December 1837 London, England.

6. FORSYTH-GRANT, William ‘of Ecclesgreig’. Born 1804; succeeded his uncle Frederick GRANT in the estate of Ecclesgreig; known thereafter as William Forsyth-Grant of Ecclesgreig, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant; died 1863.

– sp. FORSYTH. “daughter of Joseph Forsyth.”

6. FORSYTH; John Blackwood.

– sp. GERRARD. “daughter of Samuel Gerrard,”

6. FORSYTH, Jane Prescott.

– sp. GREGORY. “son of John Gregory, a former colleague of Forsyth in the NWC and a fellow member of the Beaver Club.”

5. GRANT, Charles. Infant at the time of father’s death; entered NWC, became clerk .

?4. GRANT, John. one online source maintains he was a second son who entered the fur trade; known as ‘of Quebec’?


Although John Francis ‘Johnny’ GRANT [see UMFREVILLE/ HUMPREVILLE page] is widely understood to be a relative of Cuthbert GRANT and Donald A. SMITH—largely based on Johnny’s memoir—recent DNA testing has revealed that “there is about a 5% chance in the last 400 to 500 years of a blood connection between the families of John Grant of Inverlochie (Johnny Grant’s family) and the Cuthbert Grants.” Source: “Charts,” William Grant of Trois-Rivieres: Family of the Fur Trade website (accessed 6 August 2016),


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