Matthew Cocking, Le-lo-es-com, Ke-che-cho-wick, and A-pis-ta-Squa-sish, parents of Red River families

1. COCKING/ COCHIN/ COCKRAN/ COCKINGS/ COGGINS/ GOGGINS, Matthew. Born c. 1743 England possibly to Richard COCHIN and Jane CHARLTON; HBC career 1765–1782; 1st married c. 1770; wrote Journal of inland journey 1772–1773 (for which women were in company, one likely his wife; children also went on the journey—one child died and a girl and a boy were born); Master at Severn 1777–1781; Chief at York Factory 1781–1782; sailed to England 1782; settled in the “Suburbs of city of York” where a sister and half-brother lived; sent annual remittance remittance for “the use of his children and their parents in Hudson’s Bay”; died 17 March 1799; will provided “for goods worth £6 a year” to be supplied to his three Hudson Bay daughters, “the eldest to receive the full amount, the others to share their portion with their mothers. The council at York requested that part of this legacy might be ‘laid out in Ginger Bread, Nuts &c. as they have no other means of obtaining these little luxuries, with which the paternal fondness of a Father formally provided them’.

-sp. Le-lo-es-com. Born c. 1750/ 1755; resided York Factory District; died c. 1798.

2. COCKING, Kishe cow e cume coot/ Keese cow e cumacout/ Ke-che-cow-e-com-e-coot/ Kees e cow e cum a coot/ Keese cow e cumacout/ Elizabeth ‘Betsy’. Born c.1775; 7 years old when her father left; called ‘Weemisti goose’/ ‘Wee-misti-goos’/ ‘Wee-mistu-goos ashish’ (i.e. Wemistikosiw) signifying mixed heritage including ‘European descent’; 1st informally married before 1797; 2d married c. 1806; resided Norway House from at least 1822 where listed under HOLMES as ‘one woman, two boys, two girls, with the notation “Husband retired to Europe”’; winter 1823–1824 listed under HOLMES as ‘one woman, one boy under fourteen, and two girls under fourteen’; 9 October 1827 ‘Mrs. Holmes and two children’ Norway House; made purchases Norway House 1827–1829; followed sisters south to Red River; died 1835 Red River; buried 30 June 1835.

-sp. STAYNER, Thomas. Born March 23, 1770 Bow Bridge Straford, England; HBC career; fall of 1797 returned to England, married Sarah Elizabeth BAYLIS; returned to Hudson Bay spring 1798; retired 1801 to England; resided Jersey Island, England; died Jersey Island, England, age 57; buried 4 July 1827.

3. STAYNER, Ann. Sailed 1801 with father to England.

3. STAYNER, Sarah. Sailed 1801 with father to England.

3. STAYNER, [daughter]. Died 31 July 1812 Nelson House [MB].

-sp. HOLMES, John Pocock. Born 1783/ 1784 South Leverton, England; surgeon; HBC career; 25 August 1822 permission given for children to go to England; died before 1858.

3. HOLMES, George. Born b: 12 February 1807/ after 1810?; baptized 4 October 1820; sailed September 1823 to England.

3. HOLMES, Charlotte. Born 10 September 1810/ after 1810?; baptized 4 October 1820; died 9 December 1833 Red River.

3. HOLMES, Elizabeth. Born 6 September 1810/ 1813/ 1815; baptized 4 October 1820; resided Red River; died 2 June 1878.

– sp. STEVENSON, William. Born 1809/ 1810 to Thomas STEVENSON and an unidentified woman; died 1901.

4. STEVENSON, James. Born 1844/ 1845; resided 1870 with wife Headingly, Red River.

– sp. CUNNINGHAN, Sarah Anne. Born 1847/ 1849 to James CUNNINGHAM and an unidentified woman.

4. STEVENSON, Thomas. Born c. 1848; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River; married 1878.

– sp. CLOUSTON, Mary. Born 8 February 1857 to William CLOUSTON and Catherine CAMPBELL-McKENZIE; twin sister to Sarah CLOUSTON married to Robert O’MALLEY.

4. STEVENSON, Elizabeth. Born 1848/ 1849; resided 1870 with husband Headingly, Red River.

– sp. GREEN, James. Born 1846 to James GREEN and Isabel/ Isabella ROSS-GUNN (daughter of Alexander ROSS and Sarah ‘Sally’ TIMENTWA; previously 1st married to William GUNN).

4. STEVENSON, Roderick. Born c. 1850; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River.

4. STEVENSON, Barbara. Born c. 1851; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River.

4. STEVENSON, Isabella. Born c. 1854; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River.

4. STEVENSON, William. Born c. 1858; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River.

4. STEVENSON, George. Born c. 1860; resided 1870 with parents Headingly, Red River.

-sp. Ke-che-cho-wick. Born possibly Coastal Cree, Severn River.

2. COCKING, Wash-e-soo-E’Squew/ Wa she oo esquew/ Washe how Esquow/ Washihoesquew/ Washeho Esqwow/ Waso-eyesquew/ Wahuhes quew/ Wahahesquew/ Washeasquew/ Washeosquew/ Washoesqwiw/ Washiesqua/ Washasquew/ Washosquew/ Washosqueu/ Mary. Born c. 1775– 1783/ 1777– 1781/ 1780; called ‘Aggathus’/ ‘Agathas’/ ‘Agathus’ (i.e. Abbittaw) signifying mixed heritage/ ‘half’ Cree; widow by 1811, living with hunters/ relatives across the Nelson river, north of York fort; moved to Norway House c. 1816; resided Norway House 1820 when Rev. John WEST took son to Red River for mission schooling; followed son to Red River fall of 1822; employed from the fall of 1822 by Church Missionary Establishment, Red River “speaking only the Indian language, to make clothes, wash, cook, etc for the children”; apparently back at Norway House May 1825 probably to visit other children; baptized 11 May 1828 (as Mary BUDD); resided church mission house, Red River; resided 1850 with ERASMUS family, Red River.

-sp. ‘BUDD’ (Jammahogan?). Muskego Cree hunter York Factory; died by 1811.

3. BUDD, James ‘The Cask’. Born c. 1799/ 1800; eldest son; still hunting at York Factory 29 April 1815; first appeared on the Norway House Debt List in 1819; hunted winter 1822– 1823 with brother-in-law Muminawatum and with Curley Head; married c. winter 1822–1823; moved to Norway House until late 1826/ early 1827 then left to join mother at Red River; died c. 1829.

– sp. Elizabeth ‘Betsey’. Born to to Uchegun/ Curley Head and Nancy; 2d married after 1829 to William JOHNSTON.

4. CASK/ BUDD/ ‘COOK’, Charlotte. Born c. 1820/ 1824/ 1825; resided St. Andrew’s, Red River.

– sp. BICKERSTETH, Edwin, Saulteux; orphan, given or chose a missionary’s surname

– sp. BALLENDEN/ BALLENDINE/ BALLENTINE/ BALDEDEN, William. Born 1790 to John BALLENDEN and Jane [Cree]; previously 1st married to Mary STEVENS.

5. BALLENDEN/ BALLENDINE, Charles. Born c. 1847.

4. BUDD, Sophia.

4. BUDD, Joseph.

4. BUDD, Elizabeth ‘Betsey’.

3. BUDD, Rebecca. Born c. 1800–1805; 1st married c. 1815–1818; baptized 6 June 1842 Norway House, age 37 years; married 11 July 1842 Norway House.

– sp. Muminawatum/ Memenawatum/ Meminawatum/ Isaac. Born c. 1794, probably stepson, if 1st son, to Uchegun/ Curley Head (Muminawatun did not take ‘Curley head’ or ‘Budd’ as surname though Curley Head’s other sons did) and an unidentified woman (possibly Nancy); previously 1st married to an unidentified woman; baptized 1842, age 48.

4. MUMINAWATUM, Thomas ‘Big Tom’. Born 1818; baptized 15 September 1841 Norway House, age 23.

4. MUMINAWATUM, John. Born c. 1820; married 1844; died 1846.

– sp. SINCLAIR, Margaret ‘Maggie’. Born to Baikie SINCLAIR and Elizabeth SWAIN; one of 3 teenage woman to charge Rev. James EVANS with sexual abuse in Rossville scandal.

5. MUMINAWATUM, William.

4. MUMINAWATUM, Margaret.

4. MUMINAWATUM, Seeseeb/ ‘Joyful’/ ‘Jessy’/ ‘Jessie’. Married 5 August 1846 Norway House; 5/ 7 daughters and 5 sons (great-grandson, Ralph STEINHAUER, was lieutenant governor AB 1974–1979).

 – sp. Sowengisik/ George KACHENOOTING / Henry Bird STEINHAUER [Rev.]. Born c. 1818, Lake Simcoe, Upper Canada [near Rama Indian Reserve ON] to Bigwind and Mary KACHENOOTING; given name of church sponsor when baptized (a not uncommon inducement when soliciting donations was to promise a child would be baptized in a donor’s name); went 1840 Norway House with Rev. James Evans; helped develop Cree syllabic alphabet; worked to translate Bible into Cree; posted 1855 Lac la Biche [AB]; ordained 1858 Methodist Church; resided Whitefish Lake [North West Territories]; died 29 December 1884 influenza epidemic.

5. STEINHAUER, Egerton [Rev.]. Born c. 1858; summer 1879 travelled from White Fish Lake [AB] with brother Robert to Cobourg ON; matriculated 1883, gaining entrance to Victoria College; made “the sacrifice of his life” and returned to White Fish when called home; responsibilities increased with father’s death 1884; worked 1885 with PAKAN and James YOUMANS to keep the White Fish and Good Fish Lake Cree out of the conflict; continued theological training independently; ordination 1889; liked to joke “that he too had a B.A.—‘Born Again’”; married 1889; mission service 1885–1894 Morley [AB], 1894–1907 Fisher River MB, 1907–1911 Hobbema/ Battle River AB; 1911–1919 Morley AB, 1919–1924 Saugeen, Lake Huron ON, and 1924–1926 New Credit ON; after wife’s death joined brother Robert at Saddle Lake; ‘enfranchised’ 1926; died 1932.

– sp. HELLIWELL, Elizabeth. Born Toronto; Methodist church worker and teacher  Morley Indian Day School; died 1928.

6. STEINHAUER, Wesley. served Great War; completed four of five-year medical degree University of Toronto.

5. STEINHAUER, Robert Bird [Rev.]. Born 1860/ 1861; resided White Fish Lake [AB]; matriculated 1883 gaining entrance to Victoria College, Cobourg, ON; c. 1886 “sang the hymn, ‘Tell it Again,’ before Sir John A. Macdonald. Chief Pakan joined Robert in singing it in Cree. Although the prime minister did not realize it, he had before him, in Robert Steinhauer, one of his most articulate Native critics. That very spring the Cree undergraduate had written an article on ‘The Indian Question’ for Acta Victoriana, the college magazine. In it he underlined the disappointments of western Indians. ‘Ever since the treaties were signed … there has been much discontent, and complaints made by him [the Indian]. He asks those who have taken the ownership of his country to give him his rights, at least the fulfilment of the promises made to him.’ They had wanted assistance, but, in the place of competent government intermediaries, they received Indian agents, selected, ‘because they happen to be friends and right-hand supporters of the Government in power; men whose knowledge of what they were intended to teach was so limited that they were rejected in some places.’ Ottawa had placed ‘low and unprincipled characters’ in authority over them” ; graduated 1887 first ‘Canadian Indian’ to receive BA; ordained 1890 Methodist minister; married 1893; mission service 1887–1890 Saddle Lake, 1890–1893 White Fish Lake, 1894 Red Deer Industrial School, 1895–1903 Morley, 1903–1911 White Fish Lake, 1911–1919 Hobbema/ Battle River, and 1919 –1941 Saddle Lake; ‘enfranchised’ 1896; c. 1908 urged boycott Red Deer Indian Industrial School; threatened to resign over poor living conditions for family 1909 after death of child; c. 1918 member League of Indians of Canada, which worked to persuade Canadian government to improve standard of education for Indian people; received honorary Doctor of Divinity1937 University of Toronto; died 1941.

– sp. PRUDEN, Charlotte. Born 4 January 1870 to Patrick PRUDEN and Isabelle Elizabeth BRUNEAU dit MONTAGNAIS.


6. STEINHAUER, Augusta “Gussie”. Born c. 1895 ‘oldest daughter’; age 9–18 Red Deer Industrial School; sent 1913 to Alberta College (Methodist college Edmonton), enrolled in business course.

6. STEINHAUER, Elizabeth.

6. STEINHAUER, Henry “Harry”. Born c. 1900 ‘oldest son’; age 10–14 Red Deer Industrial School; sent 1914 to Alberta College (Methodist college Edmonton).

6. STEINHAUER, Caroline. Caroline, was at Red Deer for three years, from eleven to fourteen, until her discharge in 1914. From there she went to a public school in Edmonton

6. STEINHAUER, Mary. Mary attended Red Deer for only one year, from age eleven to twelve, then, too, on her discharge in 1914 went to public school in Edmonton.

6. STEINHAUER, Richard.

6. STEINHAUER, Robert.

6. STEINHAUER, Ruby. Born 1911; never attended residential school; resided in Edmonton to attend public school.

6. STEINHAUER, Arthur/ Barner. Born 1913; never attended residential school; resided in Edmonton to attend public school.

6. STEINHAUER, Larry. Born c. 1917 (adopted); sent 1931 to Red Deer Industrial school; ran away; was not sent back.

5. STEINHAUER, William. Died as child.

5. STEINHAUER, Abigail. Married spring 1865 Whitefish Lake mission [AB] by father-in-law; died April 1871 during small pox epidemic.

– sp. McDOUGALL, John Chantler [Rev.]. Born 27 December 1842 Sydenham, Upper Canada [Owen Sound ON] to George Millward McDOUGALL and Elizabeth CHANTLER; 2d married 22 September 1872 to Elizabeth Ann BOYD (6 children); died 15 January 1917 Calgary AB.

6. STEINHAUER, Flora. Died 1870 smallpox epidemic.

6. STEINHAUER, Georgiana. Died 1870 smallpox epidemic.

6. STEINHAUER, Anna. Died 1870 smallpox epidemic.

5. STEINHAUER, Eliza Ann.

5. STEINHAUER, Samuel.

5. STEINHAUER, Arthur.

5. STEINHAUER, Sarah Jane.

5. STEINHAUER, Evangeline.

5. STEINHAUER, Augustine. Elected 1931 president of the Alberta branch of the League of Indians of Canada.


4. MUMINAWATUM, Benjamin.

4. MUMINAWATUM, Charles.


3. BUDD, Elizabeth. Born before 1800; “Half Breed”.

– sp. NEKAHWIW, Charles. “a Cree Indian”.

4. NEKAHWIW, Sarah. Born 1820 Norway House; “not a pure Indian”; 1st married 1843 Norway House; 2d married 1852 Norway House; “I have lived at Norway House the whole of my life”; 4 children in addition to those listed below; took treaty, Norway House Band, but withdrew to take scrip.

-sp. St. GERMAIN, Jacques.

5. St. GERMAIN, Jamesey.

5. St. GERMAIN, Clara.

5. St. GERMAIN, Louis.

– sp. CRATE, Charles. French Canadian; “White man”; died before 1887.

5. CRATE, Odile.

5. CRATE, Alexandre.

5. CRATE, Willie.

5. CRATE, Maria.

5. CRATE, Adelaide. Born 1885/ 23 August 1887; married September 1869; “I have lived at Norway House all my life”

– sp. GARSON/ CARSON, Thomas.

6. GARSON, Thomas. Born 3 May 1870.

6. GARSON, Betsy. Born c. 1871.

6. GARSON, Sarah. Born 14 June 1872 Norway House; married 14 June 1890 Lesser Slave Lake; at least 5 children.

– sp. TATE, Albert. Born to Phillippe TATE and Mary MONKMAN.

6. GARSON, Adelaide. Born c. 1874.

6. GARSON, Maria. Born c. 1876.

6. GARSON, Mary Margaret.

6. GARSON, Jane.

6. GARSON, Annie. Died as child.

6. GARSON, [4 children]. Died in infancy.

3. BUDD, Catherine ‘Kitty’. Born c. 1805; widowed 1849; applied for scrip 1884/ 1885.

-sp. ERASMUS/ ASONAS, Peter ‘Sr.’/ ‘Johann Frederick SWEDENSON’. Born 1792/ 1794 Denmark, Sweden; served in Napoleonic Wars; HBC career; farmer Red River; died 1849.

4. ERASMUS, Sophia. Born c. 1816 White Mud River [MB]; baptized 19 December 1824 St. John’s, Red River; married c. 1830; died 1871 Westbourne MB; 20 Dec 1837, ST. Andrews.

– sp. DESMARAIS, Jean Baptiste. Born c. 1812/ 1815 White Mud River [MB] to Francois DESMARAIS and Marie-Suzette; baptized 15 May 1838 St. John’s, Red River; 2d married 1872 Margaret ‘Maggie’ GUNN; died 1897 Kinosota MB; buried St. Bede’s Anglican Cemetery, Kinosota, MB.

5. DESMARAIS, Eliza. Baptized 27 December 1838 St. John’s, Red River.

5. DESMARAIS, Fanny. Baptized 7 September 1840 St. John’s, Red River.

5. DESMARAIS, Marguerite. Baptized 13 May 1844.

 – sp. PATTERSON, Andrew.

– sp. HODGES, George W. Born to Jonathan HODGES and an unidentified woman.

5. DESMARAIS, Henry Charles. Born 29 October 1846 St. Andrew’s, Red River; married 12 September 1867 St. Mary’s la Prairie, Portage [MB].

– sp. WHITFORD, Mary Ann. Born 15 November 1852 Poplar Point, Red River, to James WHITFORD and Mary ROBILLARD; baptized 20 December 1852 St. Andrew’s, Red River.

6. DESMARAIS, [children]. [See WHITFORD page]

5. DESMARAIS, Mary Ann. Baptized 14 November 1849 St. Andrew’s, Red River.

– sp. SMITH, Samuel.

5. DESMARAIS, John Peter. Born 1851 White Mud River [MB]; baptized 8 June 1851 St. Andrew’s, Red River; 2d married c. 1878.

– sp. ANDERSON, Christina. Born to Charles ANDERSON and Angelique BIRSTON; baptized 22 November 1855.

– sp. ANDERSON, Caroline. Born to Peter Charles ANDERSON Sr. and Letitia McKAY [See MacKAY/ McKAY page]; baptized 28 March 1852 Fairford [MB].

5. DESMARAIS, Rebecca. Born c. 1855.

– sp. ANDERSON, James. Born to Charles ANDERSON and Angelique BIRSTON.

5. DEMARAIS, William Thomas. Born 1855/ 1856 Portage la Prairie; “I left the Province of Manitoba 21 years ago and I lived on the North Saskatchewan at Fort à la Corne and the Pas until 9 years of a when I moved to Manitoba in which I lived for three years at Lake Manitoba and Westbourne, I then came back to the North West and I have been residing ever since at the South Branch- On the 15th July 1870 I was living at the Pas with the Reverend Henry Budd who brought me up. My parents were then both residents of the Province of Manitoba”; adopted age 5 by Rev. Henry BUDD; baptized 9 December 1855 St. Mary’s, Portage la Prairie; 1st married 1876, the Pas MB.

– sp. BEAR, Elizabeth Harriet.

6. DESMARAIS, Sophia Jane ‘Sophie’. Born 18 November 1878, the Pas.

– sp. BALLENDINE, John.

– sp. ROBERTSON, George; previously 1st married Nancy CRANE.

– sp. MILLER, Lester. not formally married.

6. DESMARAIS, John Peter. Born 1880/ 1881 Lake Manitoba.

– sp. COCHRAN, Harriet. Born 1876 Cumberland House; died December 1954.

6. DESMARAIS, Alex Leander. Born November 1896 Coxby; died January 1958.

– sp. CRAIN, Elizabeth. Born December 1899; died August 1975.

6. DESMARAIS, James.

6. DESMARAIS, Albert.

6. DESMARAIS, Frances.

6. DESMARAIS, George.

6. DESMARAIS, Louis.

6. DESMARAIS, William Roderick.

6. DESMARAIS, Maria Augusta.

6. DESMARAIS, Alfred.

6. DESMARAIS, Allan.

5. DEMARAIS,Flora Sarah. Born c. 1858 White Mud River [MB]; baptized 4 September 1859 St. Mary’s, Portage la Prairie.

5. DEMARAIS, Victoria. Born c. 1860 White Mud River [MB]; baptized 20 February 1862 St. Mary’s, Portage la Prairie.

5. DEMARAIS, Marie Jane. Born c. 1864 White Mud River [MB].

4. ERASMUS, Catherine. Born 1820.

– sp. BEAR, John. “Halfbreed”

5. BEAR, Margaret. Born 25 December 1849 St. Peter’s, Red River; resided 1876 St. Peter’s MB.

– sp. CLEMENTS, John.

4. ERASMUS, Henry. Born c. 1827

– sp. ANDERSON, Elizabeth.

– sp. ANDERSON, Margaret.

4. ERASMUS/ ASONAS/ ASMUS, Sarah ‘Sally’. Born 1821; baptized 19 December 1824; married 1847; 1883, as widow sought clarification on the disposition of her late husband’s estate “two river lots in all 11 chains frontage by two miles six head of animals, 3 Pigs, a mower, Plough, Harrow, carts &c.”

– sp. KENNEDY, Antoine/ Anthony/ Antwain. Born 1820; property at St. Peter’s, Red River, privately held by permission from Peguis; reportedly took treaty with the St. Peter’s Band (Treaty 1, 1871), with his family — except for a son, who instead moved to Isbister Settlement; named 1875 as No. 213 St. Peter’s Band Annuity Paylist, with wife and 2 daughters; died August 1883.

5. KENNEDY, Elizabeth. Born 1850; died 1 April 1850, age 3 weeks.

5. KENNEDY, Jane Mary. Born 1848/ 1849; married “an Indian” so continued to be First Nations; received “her share” of her father’s estate at the time of her marriage, consisting of “five chains of land, an ox — a cow and calf,” and continued to reside at St. Peter’s.

– sp. FLETT, John. Born 1845 to Thomas FLETT and Isabel; “an Indian”.

6. FLETT, John. Born c. 1867.

5. KENNEDY, Ann. Born c. 1851.

– sp. Unidentified ‘non Treaty man’.

5. KENNEDY, John. Possibly moved to the ‘Isbister Settlement‘ (later named Prince Albert, SK) as did Henry ERASMUS, Alexander Roderick KENNEDY, and William KENNEDY.

5. KENNEDY, Catherine. Born c. 1858/ 1859; married c. 1876; died 1908 in Premier fire, off Warren’s Landing, age 48; buried Selkirk MB.

– sp. COUTURE, Antoine.

6. COUTURE, [10 children]

6. COUTURE, Eleanore.

– sp. BOGGS, Charles.

4. ERASMUS, Peter ‘Jr.’. Born 27 June 1833 Red River; “I left the Province of Manitoba in 1850 and I have lived in the N.W. Territories on the Saskatchewan ever since, and for the last 17 years at White Fish Lake; 1st married 1860 Edmonton; 2d married 1865 White Fish Lake; 3d married 1881/ 1882 White Fish Lake [AB]; Government interpreter/ translator, Treaty 6; author of Buffalo Days and Nights; resided White Fish Lake [AB]

– sp. BRUNEAU, Caroline. Born to Pierre BRUNEAU (born c. 1814 to Jean Baptiste Kisikawskup BRUNEAU and Louise MONTOUR) and Marie Suzanne MISTATIM (a Cree woman).

5. ERASMUS, William. Born 1863 White Fish Lake [AB]; “I lived in the NW Terr. the whole of my life at White Fish Lake & at Lac la Biche for 3 years & I am now at Prince Albert since 1875. I lived with my parents on the 15th July 1870; worked as a labourer; married June 1884 Prince Albert; no children.

– sp. Mary.

– sp. JACKSON, Charlotte.

5. ERASMUS, Marianne. Born 1866; died 1872.

5. ERASMUS, Eliza. Born c. 1867.

5. ERASMUS, James G.B. Born c. 1867.

5. ERASMUS, John Peter. Born 10 April 1870; died 1872.

5. ERASMUS, Robert Lyon. Born 1872.

5. ERASMUS, David. Born 1874.

5. ERASMUS, George. Born 1876

– sp. STANLEY, Margaret ‘Peggy’. Born in 1859 White Fish Lake [AB] to Jacob STANLEY and an unidentified woman.

5. ERASMUS, Sarah Jane. Born 27 March 1888 White Fish Lake [AB]; died c. 1929, age 41.

– sp. WHITFORD, Edward. Born 3 April 1879 Victoria [AB] to Andrew WHITFORD and Eliza GILL/ GILLIS; midwife Sarah Jane NORN.

5. ERASMUS, Lillian May ‘Lilly’. Born: 31 May 1884 White Fish Lake [AB]; married Pakan;

– sp. WHITFORD, William. Born 4 April 1878 Victoria Settlement [AB] to Simon Peter WHITFORD and Elizabeth ANDERSON; died April 1954.

6. WHITFORD, Lynn Ronald Lister. Born 23 February 1904 Pakan [AB].

4. ERASMUS, William ‘Sr’. Married 1861 St. Andrew’s, Red River; resided 1900 Colliston [SK].

– sp. SPENCE, Isabella. Born 1837 Red River to William SPENCE and Victoria TROTTIER; married age 26; “for the last twenty two years [from 1865] I have been living in the neighbourhood [of Pakan SK] with my husband and children, previous to that I was living in the Province of Manitoba, in St. Andrew’s Parish”; took treaty with John Smith Band; withdrew from treaty to take scrip 1887; resided 1887 Pakan [SK].

5. ERASMUS, William ‘Jr’. Born 1860 St. Andrew’s, Red River; “I lived at St. Andrews when young until 1865 when I came at Prince Albert with my parents who lived with myself at Prince Albert on the 15th July 1870 & always have ever since”; married 1876/ 1877 South Branch [SK]; resided Prince Albert.

– sp. BADGER, Elizabeth. Born 1860 St. Peter’s, Red River to John BADGER and Catherine SMITH.

6. ERASMUS, Mary Margaret. Born 18 January 1878 St. James [SK]; resided Wingard [SK].

– sp. ROBERTSON, Alexander. Born 9 May 1873 Prince Albert [SK] to William ROBERTSON Sr. and Frances LILLIE; resided Wingard [SK].

6. ERASMUS, Isabella Catherine. Born 8 April 1879 St James [SK].

6. ERASMUS, Albert Leopold. Born 16 February 1883 St. James [SK].

6. ERASMUS, Charles Edward.

6. ERASMUS, John Henry. Born 1881 St. James [SK]; died 1881 old South Branch, age 3 months.

6. ERASMUS, William. Died young.

?6. ERASMUS, [child]. Died young.

?6. ERASMUS, [child].

5. ERASMUS, Mary Anne/ Marianne. Born 1861/ 1863 Winnipeg, Red River; married 1881 South Branch; “I came to Prince Albert from [Portage la] Prairie Westbourne when I was very young at which former place I was residing with my parents on the 15th July 1870. For the last 10 years I have been living at the South Branch”; in treaty with the John Smith Band, withdrew to take scrip; 1886 resided Pakan [SK]

– sp, DONALD, John.

6. DONALD. Mary. Born 1883 St. James, South Branch [SK]; died 21/ 22 March 1886 South Branch [SK].

6. DONALD, Henry George. Born 22 June 1884 St. James, South Branch [SK]

6. DONALD, [child].

5. ERASMUS, Marguerite/ Margaret. Born 1864/ 1865 Westbourne/ White Mud [MB]; “I was very young when I left Westbourne [MB] with my parents [to] where I have been living ever since & at which place I was residing on 15th July 1870, with my parents; took treaty with the John Smith Band; married 1880 Prince Albert; resided Prince Albert 1886; no children as of 1886; withdrew from treaty to take scrip.

– sp. ANDERSON, Robert.

5. ERASMUS, Henry. Born August 1868 Fort à la Corne [SK]; “I have always lived in the ceded portion of the North West Territories with my parents in or near Prince Albert”; worked at farming on the Reserve; not married as of 1887; resided 1887 Paken [SK]; withdrew from treaty 1887 to take scrip.

5. ERASMUS, Isabella ‘Bella’. Born July 1869/ 26 August 1870/ 1871 Prince Albert; married fall 1885/ spring 1886 Fort a la Corne Mission.

– sp. UMPHREVILLE, Zacheus. Born c. 1860 Moose Lake to John ‘ UMFREVILLE and Mary BRASS [see UMFREVILLE/ HUMPHREVILLE page]; afterwards 2d married c. October 1887 to Mary Jane COOK; scrip claim 1886.

5. ERASMUS, Peter. Born 20 September 1872/ 1873 “on the road to Winnipeg at Hoodo Saskatchewan north of Humbolt”; baptized 20 September 1872 Westbourne [MB] where the family wintered before returning to Prince Albert in the spring (mother’s name “incorrectly given as Madlain instead of as ‘Isabella’” on baptismal certificate); died 1888 Prince Albert; buried November 1888 St. Mary’s Cemetery, Prince Albert.

5. ERASMUS, John George. Born 1 January 1876 Prince Albert; baptized 23 January 1876 St. Mary’s, Prince Albert [SK].

4. ERASMUS, Mary.

4. ERASMUS, Mary Ann.

3. BUDD, Nancy.

– sp. RHEIN/ REIN/ WREN, Michael. Born c. 1788/ 1789; of Strasbourg, France; died 1829.

4. RHEIN/ REIN/ WREN, Michael.

4. RHEIN/ REIN/ WREN, Charles.

4. RHEIN/ REIN/ WREN, Nancy.

– sp. CALDER, Horatio Nelson. Born 1806/ 1807 to John CALDER [surgeon York Factory] and an unidentified woman; HBC career; died 1885.

4. CALDER, Sarah. Baptized 12 October 1831.

4. CALDER, Letitia. Baptized 1 December 1833; buried 30 May 1836.

4. CALDER, John. Baptized 5 January 1836.

4. CALDER, Sophia. Baptized 8 February 1838.

4. CALDER, Nelson. Baptized 17 March 1840.

3. BUDD, Nehowgatim/ Sarah ‘Sally’. Born 1809; died 1833.

– sp. BIRSTON, Alexander. Born 1805.

4. BIRSTON, Jane.

4. BIRSTON, James.

3. BUDD, Sakachuwescum/ ‘Going-up-the-Hill’/ Henry [Rev.]. Born 1810; attended mission school; baptized 21 July 1822, but as the Henry THOMAS, in the original St. John’s register ‘Budd’ seems to have been superimposed over an earlier name, probably Thomas; farmed near the Lower Church (later St. Andrews). He went there in May 1829 with his mother, brother’s widow, and her three children, in Cockran’s words, ‘to raise as much wheat, barley, and potatoes as will serve themselves and feed a few hogs, to make pork for their own use. And I am happy to say they have managed very well.”!” Budd also worked for the HBC first as a day loubrer then as a full-time employee at Lac La Pluie from 1832 to 1835; 1836 married who provided a dowry of £100 these funds to purchase land in addition to the grant he had received from the HBC in 1831; 1837 he was a schoolmaster for the Church Missionary society in which capacity he remained until he was called to open the mission at Cumberland; left for Nepowewin (Fort À la Corne) in 1857; In 1865, Henry Budd sent his three remaining children to Red River of whom one daughter [Alice] and a son [David] were to attend school. A younger daughter, Eliza, went to live with her sister Elizabeth, the wife of the Rev. Henry Cochrane; died 4 April, 1875.

– sp. WORK, Elizabeth ‘Betsy’. Born 1820 to Chief Factor John Work and a Cree woman; died 1864 Nepowewin, age 43; interred in vault beneath the chapel Nepowewin Mission across from Fort À la Corne.

4. BUDD, Henry ‘Jr.’. ordained 1863; sent to assist father at Nepowewin; died 1864 Nepowewin; interred in a vault beneath the chapel at Nepowewin Mission across from Fort à la Corne.

?4. BUDD, Sarah.

4. BUDD, Mary Ann.

?4. BUDD, Jane Elizabeth. taken by the Bishop to Red River School in 1853.

– sp. COCHRANE, William [Rev.]. took over the mission at The Pas after the Rev. Budd died in 1875.

4. BUDD, John West. taken by the Bishop to Red River School in 1853; died 1857

4. BUDD, Flora. married 1867

– sp. BALLENDINE, Robert. Born to John BALLENDINE and Mary UMPHREVILLE.

4. BUDD, Christina Catherine. died 1864 Nepowewin, age 14.

?4. BUDD, Caroline Margaret.

? 4. BUDD, James Hunter.

4. BUDD, David. sent 1864 to Red River for education; died 1874

4. BUDD, Eliza Letitia.

– sp. DESCHANBEAULT, Henri. trader at Cumberland House

?4. BUDD, Ellen Harriet.

?4. BUDD, Alice Harriet Morris. Born 19 September 1862.

– sp. A-pis-ta-Squa-sish. Born c. 1760 possibly Dene; died c. 1798.

2. COCKING, Mith-coo-coo-man-E’Squew/ Mary. Born c. 1775/ 1782; called ‘Aggathus’/ ‘Agathas’/ ‘Agathus’ (i.e. Abbittaw) signifying mixed heritage/ ‘half’ Cree; married c. 1789; baptized 8 March 1838; residing 1835 St. Paul’s, Red River; formally married 8 March 1838; died 1843/ 1853.

– sp. COOK, William Hemmings. Born 1766/ 30 May 1768 St. Andrew’s Parish, Holburn, London, England (near the docks) to John  and Elizabeth ASKEW; baptized 30 May 1768 St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Holburn, London, England; HBC career; previously 1st married c. 1786 to Kahn-aw-powam-akan/ Kahnapawanakan/ Kahnawoswamakan (Cree/ ‘Agathas’; described as deceased 1821; mother of eldest daughter Nancy and likely some of the other children); by 10 September 1816 had 10 children; appointed councillor to governor of Assiniboia  29 May 1822; appointed to Council of Assiniboia on 27 Feb 1839; signed will 1 Feb 1845; died 23/ 25 February 1846 Red River, age 80; buried 25 February 1846 Red River; Will probated 4 November 1847 held by National Archives, Kew.

3. COOK, Nancy. Born c. ‘late 1780s’/ 1786/ 1787/ 1788 York Factory District (step-daughter of Mary COCKING); 1st married c. 1818; baptized 27 May 1821 St. John’s, Red River, had already been the wife of James Sutherland, and informally married from c. 1810 to 2d spouse, and mother of 7 living children; 2d formally married 27 May 1821 Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: died 15 November 1876, age 90/ 100.

– sp. SUTHERLAND, James [Capt.]. Born 1780/ 1796 to James SUTHERLAND and an unidentified woman; HBC career; died of drowning 1806 York Factory/ Lake Manitobah; will named father, James SUTHERLAND and William Hemmings COOK as executors and arranged for the care of two sons, James and William SUTHERLAND.

4. SUTHERLAND, James. Born c.1800/ 1805; residing 1835 at lots 22, 23, 24 and 25 St. Paul’s, Red River, married with 2 persons [children]; died 1844; buried Red River.

– sp. CALDER, Elizabeth. Born 1813; buried Red River.

5. SUTHERLAND, William Richard. Born 8 December 1833.


4. SUTHERLAND, William.

– sp. GARRIOCH/ GARROCK, William. Born 15 August 1786 St. Ola Orkney to Magnus GARRIOCH/ GARROCK Jr. and Margaret MILLAR; HBC career 1807-1822; retired, taught at mission school St, John’s, Red River; resided 1835 St. Paul’s St. Paul with wife and 9 persons; home known as ‘Orkney Cottage’; died 1844/ 15 November 1876.

4. GARRIOCH, Peter. Born 5/ 15 July 1811, island ‘between Norway House and Swan River’, Lake Winnipeg; travelled to Mississippi as trader; taught school at St. John’s; moved south 1837 for education, but stopped Fort Snelling and took position at Harriet Lake Sioux Mission; taught Kaposia Methodist Mission; attended 1 year Kenyon College; married 24 December 1849; moved to Portage la Prairie, built mission and school 1851; moved 1865 to White Mud River; appointed postmaster and justice of the peace; died 6 December 1888/ 20 July 1914; buried Westbourne MB.

– sp. McKENZIE, Margaret. died 20 July 1914; buried Westbourne MB.

5. GARRIOCH, Kemper. Born 1850.

5. GARRIOCH, [8 children].

4. GARRIOCH, John. Born 1809/ 4 August 1813; married 21 September 1843 St. John’s, Red River; moved family to Portage la Prairie c. 1853; died 21 February 1891.

– sp. CAMPBELL, Elizabeth ‘Eliza’. Born 1 January 1824 to Colin CAMPBELL and Elizabeth McGILLIVRAY; died 22 January 1894.

5. GARRIOCH, John. Born 20 February 1845.

5. GARRIOCH, George. Born c. 1846 Red River; arrived Portage la Prairie “about 1853” age 6.

5. GARRIOCH, Alfred Campbell. Born February 1848/ 1849 St. Paul’s/ Middlechurch, Red River; died 2 December 1934.

5. GARRIOCH, Elizabeth Ann ‘Eliza’. Born 24 December 1853; married 6 April 1870.

?- sp. BRUCE, James. Born c. 1848.

– sp. BRUCE, Patrick. Born 17 May 1848 Kildonan, Red River; baptized 21 May 1848.

6. BRUCE, John Edward George. Born 11 January 1871 Fairford [MB]; married 1890.

– sp. KENNEDY, Margaret. Born 1873; at least 3 children; died 1904.

6. BRUCE, Mary Josephine. Born 23 September 1872 Fairford [MB]; baptized 13 October 1872 St. Mary’s, Portage la Prairie MB; married 1892 Fairford MB.

– sp. SCOTT, Edward.

6. BRUCE, James Arthur. Born 1874 Fairford [MB]; married c. 1899; resided Eagle River ON.

– sp. TAYLOR, Isabelle.

6. BRUCE, David Alfred. Born 31 July 1876 Kinosota [MB]; baptized 25 August 1876 Fairford MB.

6. BRUCE, Victor Alexander. Born 25 May 1878 Fort Alexander [Sakgeen MB]; resided Poplar Park MB.

6. BRUCE, Walter Andrew. Born 15 November 1879, Fort Alexander [Sakgeen MB]; baptized 25 January 1880 Fort Alexander MB.

– sp. MONKMAN, Mary.

6. BRUCE, Percival. Born 1 August 1883, Fort Alexander [Sakgeen MB].

6. BRUCE, Elise Gertrude. Born 16 April 1885, Fort Alexander [Sakgeen MB]; married 28 August 1901 Selkirk MB.

– sp. MONKMAN, George. Born to Albert MONKMAN and Mary Ann MORWICK.

5. GARRIOCH, William.

5. GARRIOCH, James.

5. GARRIOCH, Scott.

4. GARRIOCH, Margaret/ Marguerite. Born 1815 Swan River; married 14 January 1834/ 1835 St. John’s; resided on 13 acre slice of parents-in-law’s homestead (next to parent’s homestead); moved 1852 to Portage la Prairie; moved to Prince Albert [SK]; resided by 1891 Red Deer Hill [Lindsay SK]; died c. March 1901 Kirkpatrick district [near Lindsay SK].

– sp. GADDY, William. Born 1815 to James GADDY Jr. and Mary (Muddy River Peigan woman); farmed Portage la Prairie; buffalo hunter involved 1848 battle between Chippewa Métis (led by Jean Baptiste Wilkie) and Dakota (led by Old Red Bear and Little Shell II) O’Brien’s Coulée [near present day Olga ND]; reputed spy in league with ‘Canadian Party’ and imprisoned by Comité National under President John BRUCE 1869; served under William HALLET, 49th Rangers, Boundary Commission Survey 1873–1874.

5. GADDY, Ann, married 14 December 1865, St. Mary’s, Portage la Prairie; died before 1878.

– sp. FAVEL, William Peter. Born 1845; widowed; 2d married 1879 to Marie PRITCHARD.

6. FAVEL, [6 children]. [5 born at Portage la Prairie; the youngest born in 1878 at Qu’Appelle.]

4. GARRIOCH, Sarah ‘Sally’. Born 1818 Norway House; married March 1845 St. John’s, Red River; died 3 September 1895.

– sp. CUMMINGS, Charles.

4. GARRIOCH, Harriet. Born March 1819/ 1821 Swan River; married 12 March 1838 St. John’s, Red River; died 3 September 1895.

– sp. COOK, Henry.

5. COOK, Gilbert [Rev.].

– sp. BRUCE, Catherine Margaret. Born 18 February 1850 St. John’s, Red River, to James BRUCE and Mary McNAB; baptized 2 May 1850 St. John’s, Red River; married 26 March 1868 St. John’s, Red River; died 9 January 1893 St. James MB.

4. GARRIOCH, Gaven H. Born 1822; died 4 February 1900.

– sp. BOURKE, Nancy.

4. GARRIOCH/ GARRICK, Emma. Born 20/ 24 July 1824/ 1825; ‘eighth child’; married 2/ 14 February 1855; moved to husband’s landholding, near Gunn’s Creek [Lockport]; 8 children; considered over-critical by some; died 28 February/ 1 March 1921/ 1922 at home, Lockport MB/ St. Boniface Hospital, age 96.

– sp. GUNN, John. Born 8 August 1826 St. Andrew’s, Red River to Donald GUNN and Margaret SWAIN; ‘4th son’; baptized 25 September 1827; brother to Hon. George Gunn, Legislative Assembly, Provisional Government of Assiniboia; flurry of previous marriage proposals (beginning September 1853) refused by Henrietta ROSS, Sally McDERMOT, Bella CLOUSTON, Jane McKENZIE, and Jane CLOUSTON; built mill on Gunn’s Creek; died 8 September 1898 St. Andrew’s MB.

5. GUNN, Margaret Jane. Born 24 November 1855/ 1856 Kildonan, Red River; died 21 April 1927 Fairford MB.

– sp. JOHNSTONE, Joseph William. Born 1855; died 20 November 1899.

5. GUNN, William Reginald. Born 3 September 1857 Kildonan; died 18 November 1910 Melfort SK.

5. GUNN, Donald. Born 12 June 1859 St. Andrew’s, Red River; died 22 September 1907 Calgary AB.

5. GUNN, John James. Born 21 April 1861 Kildonan, Red River; died 22 September 1907 Selkirk MB.

– sp. FLANNIGAN, Eleanor.

5. GUNN, Emma Ann. Born 12 October 1862 St. Andrew’s, Red River; resided with parents Lockport MB; died 5 August 1950 Selkirk MB.

5. GUNN, Mary. Born 5 May 1865 St. Andrew’s, Red River; resided with parents Lockport MB; died November 1948 Lockport MB.

5. GUNN, Henry George [Rev.]. Born 1866; resided Jamestown Dakota.

5. GUNN, Gilbert Garrioch. Born 12 July 1868 Kildonan, Red River; resided Lockport MB; died 17 March 1933 Selkirk MB.

4. GARRIOCH/ GARRICK, Ann/ Anna. Born 6 April 1824/ 1826; baptized 8 May 1826; married 21 December 1843 St. John’s; died 6 May 1919 of ‘bronchitis’ Portage La Prairie MB; buried 8 May 1919 St. Mary’s cemetery, Portage La Prairie MN.

– sp. BIRD, Frederick Adoluphus. Born 18 March 1823, Red River, to George BIRD and Ann THOMAS; baptized 1 August 1824; died 30 November 1884 Carleton [SK]; buried December 1884 Portage La Prairie MB.

5. BIRD, [children]. [See BIRD page]

4. GARRIOCH, William ‘Jr.’. Born 4 July 1828; married c. 1851; held land allotment St. Peter’s [granted by Chief Peguis]; 1853 moved to establish a new church and parish at St. Mary’s la Prairie; sold 1862 St. Peter’s property and concentrated on growing grain at St. Mary’s; named 9 April 1866 member of the vestry St. Mary’s; Honourable Member, Legislative Assembly, Provisional Government of Assiniboia 1870; c. 1871 sold ‘the certain lot of land No. 1352, of six-chains frontage, on the north side of the Assiniboine River, between Headingley Church and the house of John Taylor’; by 1872 Justice of the Peace ‘in and for the County of Marquette’ and petitioning various levels of government, along with other ‘original settlers,’ to protest surveyors encroaching on properties ‘as if the said lands had never previously been occupied’; resigned as Justice of the Peace and moved with family to Kinesota/ Kinosota Settlement on Lake Manitoba; widower 1906 residing Kinesota with 3 unmarried sons ages 26–32 ranching 8 horses, 20 milk cows, and 85 head of beef cattle.

– sp. BROWN, Mary. Born 1 October 1833 St. Paul’s, Red River, to Henry BROWN and Elizabeth/ Isabella SLATER; died before 1906.

5. GARRIOCH, Albert Clarence. Born before 21 July 1867; married 1880; died 1959 Amaranthe MB.

– sp. MvKAY, Caroline. Born 5 April 1862 HBC Manitoba House [MB] to Charles Richards McKAY and Margaret CAMPBELL; died 27 January 1934 Amaranthe MB.

6. GARRIOCH, Walter William. Born 2 March 1884; married c. 1904; died 1 May 1957.

– sp. Philomene. Born c. 1886.

6. GARRIOCH, Roderick Charles. Born c. 1896, St. Andrew’s MB; married 1919, Gladstone MB.

– sp. ANDERSON, Martha Ester. Born 8 February 1898 Westbourne, MB, to Peter-Charles ‘Ben’ ANDERSON Jr. and Mary Margaret Sarah MORRISSEAU; died 25 November 1979.

5. GARRIOCH, Charles. Born 6 June 1874; resided Portage la Prairie MB.

5. GARRIOCH, William Campbell. Born 1 May 1876 Kenesota MB.

5. GARRIOCH, Alexander Melville. Born c. 21 April 1878/ 1880 Kenesota MB; married c. 1902; died St. Peter’s, Manitoba.

– sp. PRUDEN, Ida Alice. Born April 1886 to Alexander William PRUDEN and Rubina Jane ‘Ruby’ ANDERSON; died January 1975.

6. GARRIOCH, Glenn Alexander Melville. Born 9 April 1910 Kinesota, MB; married October 1931 St. Bede’s, Kinesota MB; died 1965.

– sp. BATES, Doris Ann. Born Kinesota MB to George BATES and Margaret Caroline Ann ANDERSON; died 1975.

5. GARRIOCH, Jessie Lillie. Born 30 April 1880 Kenesota MB.

3. COOK, Jane/ Jennifer ‘Jennie. Born c. 1786/ 1788 (step-daughter of Mary COCKING); 1st married c. 1801; 2d married on 9 May 1826 Red River; baptized 6 March 1831 St. John’s, Red River; ?3d married 6 March 1831; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845; died 14 July 1845 St. Andrew’s/ 28 April 1870 St. Peter’s, Red River, age 82; buried 28 April 1870.

– sp. McNAB, John ‘Jr.’.

4. McNAB, [child]. [See McNAB page].

?- sp. FLETT, John.

– sp. HECKENBERGER/ HICKENBERGER, Henry. Born c. 1788 Germany; resided 1827 Red River; died of pleurisy 14 Jul 1845, age 57 St. John’s, Red River; buried 14 July 1845.

4. HECKENBERGER, Ann. Baptized 17 October 1826 St. Johns, Red River; buried 27 October 1850 St. John’s, Red River.

4. HECKENBERGER, Sally. Baptized 17 October 1826 St. John’s, Red River.

4. HECKENBERGER, Henry. Baptized 20 January 1829 St. John’s, Red River; died 12 December 1897 St. Peter’s, Red River; buried 14 December 1897.

4. HECKENBERGER, John. Baptized 12 July 1840 St. John’s, Red River.

4. HECKENBERGER/ HECKLAND/ WACKINBURG, Jane/ Janette. Born before 17 February 1831 Red River; baptized 17 February 1831 St. John’s, Red River; resided 7 August 1870 Pembina, Dakota Territory, employed as a domestic servant; married on 2 Nov 1871 in Assumption Parish, Pembina, Dakota Territory; resided 9 June 1900 Red River Township, Kittson County Minnesota; resided 27 April 1910 Pembina, Pembina County, ND; resided January 1920 Pembina Township, Pembina County ND; died December 1926 Pembina Township, Pembina County ND, age 95.

?- sp. BRUCE

– sp. RENVILLE, Jean Baptiste. Born September 1845 [ND]; resided 18 July 1860 Pembina, Minnesota Territory U.S.; resided 9 June 1900 Red River Twp, Kittson Co. MN; died 3 October 1909 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND, age 64.

5. RENVILLE, Eliza/ Elise. Born 18 October 1868, Pembina, Dakota Territory; baptized 2 May 1869 Pembina, Dakota Territory; married 20 January 1891 Neche ND; resided Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN; resided Joliette/ Pembina Twp. Pembina Co. ND; died 15 January 1927 Humboldt, Kittson Co. MN, age 58; buried January 1927 Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, Kittson Co. MN.

– sp. JEROME, Napoleon. Born 16 April 1865 Pembina, Dakota Territory; baptized 17 April 1865 Pembina, Dakota Territory; resided June 1880 Twp 162, Kittson Co.MN; homesteaded May 1889 NE quarter, Section 10, Twp 161, Range 50W, 160 acres; resided, farmer, Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN; resided Joliette/ Pembina Twp. Pembina Co. ND; died 18 April 1947 Hallock, Kittson Co. MN, age 82; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, Kittson Co. MN.

6. JEROME, Louis Napoleon ‘Nap’. Born 23 January 1892 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND; baptized 12 February 1892 Assumption, Pembina ND; registered WWI draft 5 June 1917; served 1918/ 1819 France; died 8 March 1975 Minneapolis, MN; buried on 12 March 1975 Fort Snelling National Cemetery MN.

6. JEROME, Joseph Ernest. Born 20 July 1893 Red River Twp, Kittson Co. MN; baptized 19 August 1893 Assumption, Pembina ND; farmer; registered WWI draft 5 June 1917; served 1918/ 1919 France; died March 1978 Portland, Multnomah Co. OR.

6. JEROME, Annie Agnes. Born 20 July 1893 Red River Twp, Kittson Co. MN; baptized 19 August 1893 Assumption, Pembina ND; died after 19 August 1893 Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN.

6. JEROME, Amos. Born 27 January 1895 Hallock, Kittson Co. MN; baptized 6 March 1895 in Assumption Parish, Pembina, ND; registered WWI draft; farmer; died 28 December 1973 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND.

6. JEROME, William born on 8 Jun 1896 in Hallock, Kittson Co. MN; registered WWI draft 5 June 1918; military service 1918-1921 Virginia; died 26 May 1971 Wahkon, Mille Lacs, MN; buried in Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Wahkon, MN.

6. JEROME, Mary Eliza. Born January 1898 Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN; died 5 April 1942 Buhl, Saint Louis Co. MN.

6. JEROME, Julius. Born 9 August 1899 Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN; registered for draft (WWI) 12 September 1918; died 5 May 1971 Hallock, Kittson Co. MN.

6. JEROME, Margaret Jane. Born 18 January 1901, Red River Twp. Kittson Co. MN.

5. RENVILLE, Jean Baptiste. Born 19 August 1872 St. Vincent, Kittson County MN; baptized 19 August 1872 Pembina, Pembina County ND; resided June 1900 Red River Township, Kittson County MN; farmer April 1910 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND; resided 27 April 1910 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND; resided January 1920 Pembina Township, Pembina Co. ND; resided April 1930 Pembina Township, Pembina Co. ND; died 1945, age of 73; buried Catholic Cemetery, St. Vincent MN.

5. RENVILLE, Joseph. Born 28 November 1875 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND; baptized 6 December 1875 Pembina, Pembina Co. ND.

3. COOK, Margaret. Born 1787 (step-daughter of Mary COCKING); died 24 May 1827 Red River, age 40 [might be same or different woman as Margaret COOK listed in some genealogies as born 1808; formally married 2 December 1825 St. John’s Red River to William SAUNDERS/ SANDERSON/ SANDISON (born 11 October 1806 to David SAUNDERS/ SANDERSON and Mary); died age 19].

3. COOK, Joseph ‘Josiah’. Born c. 1792/ 1793 York Factory (step-son of Mary COCKING); HBC career; retired 1824; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: died 23/ 24 February 1848 St. John’s, Red River, age 56.

– sp. SINCLAIR, Catherine.

4. COOK, [children]. [See SINCLAIR page].

?3. COOK, John. Born c. 1790s; “John and Joseph Cook obtained provisions at York Factory 3 Oct 1804”; died before 1816.

3. COOK, Samuel. Born c.1797/ 1798 (possibly step-son of Mary COCKING but described as the son of a “half caste” woman); baptized 8 June 1823; 1st married 12 April 1825; 2d married 2 December 1834 St. John’s, Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: died 9 December 1864; buried 12 December 1864 St. Paul’s, Red River.

– sp. GADDY, Isabella. Born 1810; died 14 April 1833/ 1835.

4. COOK, Samuel.

4. COOK, Charles. Born c. 1830.

4. COOK, Nancy.

– sp. HODGSON, William.

4. COOK, Richard.

4. COOK, William James.

4. COOK, Elizabeth. died 18 Nov 1875.

– sp. BRUCE, Benjamin. Born 1842.

4. COOK, Robert.

4. COOK, Margaret.

4. COOK, John.

– sp. KIRKNESS, Katherine.

4. COOK, Maria.

-sp. BRUCE, Benjamin. b. 1842.

4. COOK, Benjamin.

– sp. HALCRO/ HALCROW, Sophia.

– sp. SHORT, Susannah ‘Suzette’. Born 1815 to James SHORT and Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ (a Saulteaux woman); died 12 September 1864 Red River.

4. COOK, Roderick. Born July 1846 St. Paul’s, Red River; “Roderick Cook of Prince Albert being duly sworn wit: I am the husband of Eliza Cook nee McLennan who has made claim for scrip on account of an unnamed child. I got five scrip last year. I received them. I sold two to [Tom?] McKay and one to James Sanderson. I should have said my family got five scrip. The living children who got it themselves were Roderick, Robert Giles and Catherine Jane. I have not now had/ ever any child named Joseph. My younger brother is named Joseph. He would be between forty-five and forty-six. I went with the Police [RNWMP] to Pelly in May or June of 1875. We travelled from Winnipeg to Pelly. My wife was with me. She was in child. I was then sent to Carlton with the [envoy?] Lieut. Selby Smythe who met the Indians there. In going I got letter telling me that my wife was very sick and to come back to Pelly. I came back with [illegible] Clark. I arrived about the third week in August and then I learned of the birth and death of a child—a girl. Dr. Kitson met me at the fort or barracks and told me that my wife had had a child and that it was dead and buried. He told me the child was alive when born. When I left in June I expected my wife to be delivered of a child in about a month. I joined the police force for three years. I know I left the force in the spring of 1878. I [left?] in May and shortly afterwards started for Pelly. While I was in the force I had three children born—this girl in Pelly and two at Shoal Lake—John Archibald and Alexander James. Both boys are dead. They both died while I was in the force. One was about forty-one days and the other about a month. My time was up in the spring. I think I got my discharge in June. I think the second of the boys died the preceding March. …”; resided 1901 Prince Albert.

– sp. MCLENNAN, Elizabeth. Born November 1850 Cumberland House to Joseph/ Archibald McLENNAN and Mary UMFREVILLE/ HUMPHABLE [see UMFREVILLE/ HUMPREVILLE page]; resided 1870 St. Paul’s, Red River; married 1869 Winnipeg, Red River; 13 children; resided 1876 St. Paul’s MB; scrip affidavit 1876; resided c. 1875-1878 Fort Pelly; resided c. 1878-1893 Prince Albert; resided c. 1893-1901 “on a farm” near Prince Albert; scrip claim 1901 on behalf of deceased infant daughter disputed by commission.

5. COOK, Richard Duncan. Born 28 June 1870 St. Paul’s, Red River; “1st child”; resided 1870 MB; resided 1888 St. Pauls MB; scrip affidavit 1888.

5. COOK, Eliza Mary. Born 19 February 1872 Winnipeg MB; died 27 August 1873 Winnipeg.

5. COOK, Samuel George. Born 14 December 1873 Winnipeg MB; died October 1874.

5. COOK, [infant daughter]. Born August 1875 Fort Pelly (“fifteen or seventeen months” after her brother); died 1875 Fort Pelly (lived a few hours, Dr. Kitson and midwife William Favel present); mother’s scrip claim 1901 (father absent; claim disputed by virtue of children’s birthdates).

5. COOK, John Archibald. Born 3 February 1876/ 1877 Shoal Lake; died “age 41 days” 16 March 1877 Shoal Lake; father’s scrip claim 1901.

5. COOK, Alexander James. Born 1 March 1877 Shoal Lake; died 2 April 1877 Shoal Lake; father’s scrip claim 1900.

5. COOK, Catherine Jane. Born 20 June 1879 Winnipeg MB.

5. COOK, Roderick ‘Jr.’ Born 17 May 1881 Prince Albert; scrip claim 1900.

5. COOK, Robert/ ‘Albert’ Giles. Born 23 March 1883; scrip claim 1900.

5. COOK, [daughter]. Born 13 January 1885 Red Deer Hill [SK]; died 13 January 1885 Red Deer Hill [SK]; father’s scrip claim.

5. COOK, Emma Agnes.

5. COOK, Florence.

5. COOK, [Norman?] Edward.

4. COOK, Lydia. Born 1845/ 1846; counted as Métis in the 1870 census, residing at St. Peter’s; but apparently took treaty in 1871 (Treaty 1) with the St. Peter’s Band; appeared as “wife of” John Anderson and listed No. 17 St. Peter’s Band Annuity Paylist 1876 (though she does not appear to have made an appearance to collect).

– sp. ANDERSON, John. Born 1838 Sweden to Angus Anderson and an unidentified woman.

5. ANDERSON, Charles. Born c. 1865.

5. ANDERSON, Agustin. Born c. 1866.

5. ANDERSON, Alfred. Born c. 1867.

5. ANDERSON, Olivier. . Born c. 1868.

5. ANDERSON, Susan. . Born c. 1869.

3. COOK, Jeremiah ‘Jerry’. Born c. 1800/ 1802–1804 (possibly step-son of Mary COCKING); baptized 8 June 1823; married 7 April 1823 St. John’s, Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845; died before 1875.

– sp. SPENCE, Eleanor/ Helen ‘Ellen’. Born 1804 to James SPENCE and Mary; died Red River.

3. COOK, Charles [Rev.]. Born c. 1804–1805/ 1815/ 1818 (possibly step-son of Mary COCKING, but mother was described as “Agathas”); baptized 28 October 1823; 1st married 5 March 1836 St. Andrew’s Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845; 2d married 13 March 1844 Red River; 3d married c. 1853 High Bluff, Red River; owned property between lots 16-31 St. Peter’s and 42-43 St. Paul’s; died 1869/ 1881 High Bluff, Red River.

– sp. LYONS, Mary Ann. Born 1818 Red River, to John Lyons and Margaret KIPLING/ KIPPLING; died 11 April 1840 St. Andrew’s, Red River.

4. COOK. Letitia Ann. Born 1838 Red River; baptized 1838 St. Paul’s, Red River; married 7 January 1857 St. Paul’s, Red River; died 1903 Halcro Settlement [SK].

– sp. SPENCE, Andrew Frederick. Born 5 February 1837 Red River; died 1907 Halcro Settlement SK.

4. COOK, Ann. Born 1834/ 1840.

– sp. ANDERSON, Francis/ Francois. Born 1835 to William ANDERSON and Nancy SAUNDERS.

5. ANDERSON, Francois/ Francis. Born c. 1859.

5. ANDERSON, Ann. Born c. 1862.

5. ANDERSON, Thomas. Born c. 1965.

5. ANDERSON, William. Born c. 1868.

5. ANDERSON, Mary. Born c. 1869.

– sp. ANDERSON, Catherine. Born 1820/ 1825 Red River, to James ANDERSON and Mary Suzette DEMORAN; died 29 May 1851 of complications due to childbirth St Paul’s Red River.

4. COOK, Charles. Born c. 1849.

4. COOK, Willhelmina. Born c. 1853/ 1854.

4. COOK, Joseph. Born c. 1857/ 1858.

– sp. Nancy. ‘Indian’. Born 1810/ 1820, Red River; died High Bluff MB; living separately from husband at time of census 1870 (listed as a widow; living with step-daughter Anne COOK-ANDERSON and Francois/ Francis ANDERSON).

3. COOK, Mary Sarah ‘Polly’. Born 1810/ 1813; baptized 10 June 1834/ 6 October 1834 St. John’s, Red River; married c. 1831 St. Paul’s, Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845; died 2 March 1868 St. Paul’s, Red River.

– sp. LEASK/ LISK, William ‘Sr.’. Born 1795 to Hugh LEASK and an unidentified woman; died 2 May 1881.

4. LEASK, William ‘Jr.’. Born 1839

– sp. CUMMINGS, Anne. Born 1840 to William CUMMINGS and an unidentified woman.

5. LEASK, Sophie. Born c. 1858.

5. LEASK, William. Born c. 1860.

5. LEASK, Caroline. Born c. 1862.

5. LEASK, Marie. Born c. 1864.

5. LEASK, Alfred. Born c. 1865.

5. LEASK, Elise. Born c. 1867.

5. LEASK, Alexander. Born c. 1869.

4. LEASK, Joseph. Born c. 1855.

3. COOK, Catherine ‘Kitty’. Born 1815 Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845; 1st married 12 March 1836; 2d married c. 1846/ 1848.

– sp. LYONS, James. Born 1817 to John LYONS and Margaret KIPLING/ KIPPLING; died c. 1846/ 1847.

– sp. KIRTON, Joseph Harwood ‘James’. Born c. 1813, Parish of Long Sutton Lincoln, England, to William KIRTON and an unidentified woman; previously 1st married to Susannah BURBELOW (5 children); died 25 April 1891 Winnipeg MB; buried 27 April 1891 St. James cemetery, Winnipeg MB.

3. COOK, William ‘Jr.’. Born c. 1820; baptized 8 March 1838 Red River; 1st married c. 1840 Red River; died 1844, drowned Minnesota River, Minnesota Territory.

– sp. SPENCE, Charlotte. Born c. 1822 Red River.

4. COOK, Samuel. Born 1840/ 1847; took treaty with St. Peter’s Band (Treaty 1, 1871); named as No. 80 in 1875 St. Peter’s Band Annuity Paylist, with wife, 1 son, and 2 daughters.

– sp. FOLSTER, Elizabeth. Born 1847 to William FOLSTER and an unidentified woman.

5. COOK, Ann. Born c. 1869.

3. COOK, Frances ‘Fanny’. Born 1818/ 1822; baptized 8 March 1838; married 7 August 1838/ 1840 St. Andrew’s, Red River; died 1839/ 1840 of complications due to childbirth, St Andrew’s, Red River.

– sp. FLETT, George [Rev.]. Born 10 February 1817 Moose Lake on Saskatchewan River, to George FLETT and Margaret ‘Peggy’ WHITFORD; baptized 7 September 1823 Red River; 2d married Mary ROSS (daughter of Alexander Ross and Sarah ‘Sally’ Timentwa; died 28 October 1897 MB.

4. COOK, Letitia. Born 4 August 1839.

3. COOK, Sophia ‘ Sophie’. Born 1 July 1827 Red River; baptized 8 March1838; married 7 July 1842 St. Andrew’s, Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: died 16 June 1888.

– sp. HALCRO/ HALCROW, Joseph. Born 1820 Red River, to Thomas HALCRO ‘Jr.’ and either Mary SUTHERLAND or 2nd wife Charlotte KNIGHT; baptized 6 June 1824 St. John’s, Red River; died 12 March 1904.

4. HALCRO, Jemima. Born 1857; widow age of 21; 2d married 1880.

– sp. BIRD, Henry. died c. 1872-1878

– sp. CUNNINGHAM, James.

3. COOK, Letitia ‘Letty’. Born 1820/ 1824/ 1825 St. John’s, Red River (twin); baptized 8 March 1838; 1st married 1840/ 1841 Red River; migrated 1841 with husband and 2 children (one was orphaned nephew, son of Mary McKAY) to Nisqually, Columbia District; moved to settle Tualatin Plains; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: widowed, moved to Wapato Lake (near in-laws John FLETT and Charlotte BIRD); 2d married 1846/ 1847 Wapato Lake/ Fort Vancouver; moved [Newburg OR]; farmed; died 22 December 1857 Dundee, Yamhill County, Oregon Territory; buried Dundee Cemetery, Yamhill County, Oregon Territory.

– sp. FLETT, David. Born December 1823 to George FLETT and Margaret ‘Peggy’ WHITFORD; baptized 7 December 1823; died 5 September 1845/ 12 November 1846 Wapato Lake, Yamhill County Oregon Territory.

4. FLETT, William George. Born 25 September 1842 Washington Co. OR; After death of mother, made ward of uncle John FLETT; apprenticed to harness maker John W. Cullins Portland OR, released on failure of business; accompanied uncle to HBC Fort Nesqually and worked 1 year; worked in saddle trade Willamette Valley OR; range rider 1861 for Senator Ankeny; purchased horses, ran pack train to Canyon City but had it stolen 1863; purchased more horses and packed to Boise; returned to the Willamette Valley worked as saddlier and stockman; pre-empted land 1870; farmer, rancher; married 1872; died 13 November Rock Creek, Gilliam Co. OR; buried Flett Cemetery, Gilliam Co. OR.

– sp. DOUGHERTY/ DOUGHTY, Lydia Emaline ‘Liddy’. Born 23 December 1853 Wapato, Yamhill Co. OR to William DOUGHERTY and Mary; died 4 June 1903 Condon, Gilliam Co. OR; buried Flett Cemetery, Gilliam Co. OR.

5. FLETT, Dona L. Born 1 January 1871 OR; married 2 January 1920; died 14 Sep 1935 Yakima, Yakima County, WA.

– sp. CLARK, William W.

6. CLARK, Rolls.

5. FLETT, Ruben ‘Rube’. Born 1897 OR; died 24 Mar 1922 Gilliam Co. OR; buried Flett Cemetery, Gilliam Co. OR.

5. FLETT, John Sylvester. Born 10 April 1877/ 1880 Gilliam Co. OR; died 17 October 1918 Whitefish, Flathead Co. MT; buried Conrad Memorial Cemetery, Kalispel, Flathead Co. MT.

– sp. MADOLE, Molly.

5. FLETT, William David. Born 8 March 1879 OR; died 22 June 1941 Hanford, Benton Co. WA.

– sp. ANDERSON, Ida. Born 1898; died 1986.

5. FLETT, Frances S. ‘Fannie’. Born 3 March 1880/ 1881 OR; died 10 March 1933 North Bend, Coos Co. OR; buried Flett Cemetery, Gilliam County OR.

– sp. GERRISH, Samuel Byron. Born 1866; died 1954.

5. FLETT, Maude Daisy. Born April 1882 OR; died 8 November 1935 Gilliam Co. OR; buried Arlington Masonic Cemetery, Arlington, Gilliam Co. OR.

– sp. HURT, Eliel Miller. Born 1869; died 1946.

5. FLETT, Elda Pearl. Born February 1885 OR; died c. 1908; buried Flett Cemetery, Gilliam Co. OR.

5. FLETT, Florence. Born October 1887 OR; died c. 1905.

5. FLETT, Frank Elsworth. Born 10 March/ May 1889/ 1890/ 1891 OR; died 16 April 1961 Toppenish, Yakima Co. WA; buried Tahoma Cemetery, Yakima Co. WA.

– sp. HIGH Sylvia Edna. Born 1894; died 1925.

5. FLETT, Arthur McKinley. Born 1 June 1893 OR; died Apr 1936 Coulee City, Grant Co. WA.

– sp. TURNER, Stella L.

4. FLETT, John Benton. Born 22 December 1844/ 1845 Washington Co. OR; after death of mother, “traded his inheritance for a good horse”; farmer; married 7 January 1869; homesteaded one mile east of Wapato Station; died 21 October 1895/ 1896/ 1897 Gaston, Washington Co. OR; buried Yamhill-Carlton Cemetery, Yamhill Co. OR.

– sp. HUTT, Sarah F. Born 1851; died February 1927 Yamhill Co. OR; buried Yamhill-Carlton Cemetery, Yamhill Co, OR.

5. FLETT, Cass. Born March 1870 Yamhill Co. OR; died before 1880 Yamhill Co. OR.

5. FLETT, Elias Benton. Born 3 December 1872 Yamhill Co. OR; jockey from age 8 to 16, 1st horse ‘Laura D.’ for Jerome Porter, match races for Thomas Tongue of Hillsboro, also rode for prominent owner J. B. Haggin of California, rode 3 years winning all races for owner James Bybee, rode two seasons for Baker & Kuykendall of Montana; age 19 nineteen entered Oregon State Agricultural College, Corvallis; graduated 1893 State Normal School, Monmouth; teacher; operated parent’s farm; graduated 1905 North Pacific College of Dentistry, Portland; dentist; elected 1911 Mayor Yamil OR; died 8 January 1964 Yamhill Co. OR; buried Evergreen Memorial Park, McMinnville, Yamhill Co. OR.

-sp. MATHENY, Delmia.

5. FLETT, George Wilson. Born November 1873 OR; died 7 December 1953, Portland, Multnomah Co. OR; buried Greenwood Hills Cemetery, Portland OR.

5. FLETT, Hemming C. Born 15 May 1876 OR; died 20 August 1915 Newberg, Yamhill Co. OR; buried Yamhill-Carlton Memorial Park, Yamhill Co. OR.

5. FLETT, Ethel May. Born 2 August 1886 Gaston, Washington Co. OR; married 23 Feb 1910; died 25 September 1955 Hillsboro, Washington Co. OR; buried Yamhill-Carlton Memorial Park, Yamhill Co. OR.

– sp. RALSTON, William Franklin “Bud”.

5. FLETT, William Thomas. Born 21 February 1890 Gaston, Washington Co. OR; died 29 July 1961 Gaston OE; buried Hills Cemetery, Gaston OR.

5. FLETT, Lyle E. Born December 1895 Gaston, Washington Co. OR; died 1905; buried Yamhill-Carlton Memorial Park, Yamhill Co. OR, age 14 years.

– sp. ROGERS, Joseph Barry. Born 1820; died 1855.

4. ROGERS, [3 children].

4. ROGERS, Anna.

3. COOK, Lydia. Born February 1824/ 1825 St. John’s, Red River (twin); baptized 8 Mar. 1838; married 11 May 1843 St. Andrew’s, Red River; listed in father’s will dated 1 February 1845: died 10 May/ summer 1845, St. John’s, Red River.

– sp. FLETT, Joseph. Born February 1825 St. John’s, Red River, to George FLETT and Margaret ‘Peggy’ WHITFORD; baptized 20 February 1825 St. John’s, Red River.


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